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Summer Releases

TDL 2003, a legendary millesime
And two rons to reconcile with Hispanic traditions

Where do we begin?

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Tasting note & specs

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Typical of a Trinidad Distillers from this legendary vintage, this is a very complex rum with, in no particular order, weedy / sage / eucalyptus and blackcurrant / peach aromas and a very good length.

Pour une plus longue note de dégustation !
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Let's take another look at Rons!

But why bottle rons?

British rum, Hispanic ron, what differences?

Many of us love traditional British rum. If we simplify things a little, what is it? In Belize, Guyana or Barbados, it's molasses, with short fermentation, mostly column distillation and aging in bourbon barrels.
Hispanic rum is often exactly the same process! Except that just before bottling, rums are often highly reduced and blended with inputs, primarily sugar.
That's why we want to offer you rum from Latin America, unadulterated, unsweetened, with no additives, statically aged and brut de fut.

Ron and Heavy Ron!

This rum has spent 14 years aging in the cellars of the distillery in Belize. It's truly unique! Travellers' releases in Europe are typically aged to about 50% on the continent. As a reminder, one year of aging in the tropics is equivalent to 3 years on the continent (where the interaction between the rum and the barrel is much less). For comparison, Rhum Club Paris' Belize rum is a 13 years, with 6 years aging in Europe.

Discover these 2 profiles, single or blended 🥃

This summer, Spirit Gallery brings you a Ron and a Heavy Ron from the same distillery. Both come from the same single-secret distillery and have been crafted identically, with only the degree of distillation differing. They are, of course, unfined, unsweetened and additive-free. They will have spent 11 years of 100% tropical static aging in ex-casks of a well-known Tennessee Whiskey. As a reminder, one year's ageing in the tropics is equivalent to 3 years on the continent (where there are far fewer exchanges between rum and cask).
Both are bottled in their 65% brut de fût version.

The Ron Regular has a profile similar to that of a Belize, with more citrus notes.
The Heavy Ron is more animalic, with a lovely explosion of volatile substances on the palate. An atypical and unexpected profile!

These rons can be enjoyed neat or blended to discover new expressions.

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Here's how to get it:

Price per bottle

The rons are sold together only at 110e for the 2 bottles of 50cl.

The TDL 2003 is priced at 150e, again in 50cl.

Shipping via UPS to France / Belgium / Luxembourg is included.

...or in a €200 package!

The 3-bottle pack will be on special offer from 5pm on June 11th for one week only.

All funds will be reinvested to offer new quality selections at attractive prices.

... on this website :)

To access the sale, simply click on the buttons at the top and bottom of the site.

Facebook giveaway are also organised to win a bottle or a sample.

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