Travellers 2007 100% tropical

Fully aged at the distillery in Belize.
Bottled cask strength with no additives.
Selected by Spirit Gallery.

2007, our favorite Vintage

The Perdomo family, proprietors of Belize's Travellers distillery, granted us the privilege of accessing their entire cellars for our selection process. After sampling vintages spanning from 2006 to 2020, one stood out by far, the 2007. A vintage that has already seen excellent bottlings, including one by the Rhum Club Paris.

100% tropical aging

This rum has spent 14 years aging in the cellars of the distillery in Belize. It's truly unique! Travellers' releases in Europe are typically aged to about 50% on the continent. As a reminder, one year of aging in the tropics is equivalent to 3 years on the continent (where the interaction between the rum and the barrel is much less). For comparison, Rhum Club Paris' Belize rum is a 13 years, with 6 years aging in Europe.

The last remaining barrels

Spirit Gallery was able to acquire the last remaining barrels of Travellers 2007. To our knowledge, this is the first bottling of Belize 2007 aged 100% in the tropics. It will also be the one with the most tropical aging, as the distillery no longer has any! In order to showcase this rum in its purest form, we have bottled it at its natural strength of 70.24%, with no additives or colorings.

Let's recap all the specs ?

Label BelizeOK.png

Produced by Travellers in Belize 🇧🇿
Molasses Rum
Vintage 2007
100% Tropical Aging until 2022
One year of rest in stainless steel tanks
Bottled in 2023
Selected in the Travellers' cellars
Cask Strength - 70.24%
??? bottles of 50cl

Some tasting notes:

Very roasted and a little alcoholic at first on the nose, it soon opens up with a fine concentration of classic US oak. Then a little fruitier hint emerges, with red fruits, a little raspberry seed. It reminds me of a Traveller's twisted with a hint of Beenleigh.
On the palate, a very fruity attack which is surprising for a Belize, and which reminds me of a Beenleigh.
The mid-palate continues in the same vein, red fruit paste with a metallic hint and a little resin.
The finish is very rich and pastry, full of vanilla and coconut galore. We're back on our Traveller's profile again.

Nico Rumlover - Latitudes Rhum & Coeur de Chauffe

Vivid, concentrated nose. Roasted hazelnut, orange peel, lemon, coconut, tobacco, pepper.

The palate matches the nose. Spices, bitter wood, vanilla, lemon, wax, caramel.

Long finish of caramel, wood and vanilla.

It's a Belize above what I've tasted, with a Foursquare profile.

Pascal Birre - Moderator of the facebook group des Compagnons du rhum and blogger at rhums_vesou_et_melasse

Here's how to get it:

Available from 3 to 10 October...

Orders will open on 3 October. This is the only stock opening planned.

On the 11th, it will no longer be possible to reserve bottles. We will close the sale and fulfil the exact number of bottles ordered.

... at €84 (incl. taxes) !

We have done our best to price it as low as possible, and we are pleased to announce that a 50cl bottle of this Belize 14 year old 100% tropical will be ... 84€ (incl. taxes).
Shipping to France / Belgium / Luxembourg is included.

The proceeds will be reinvested to offer new top-quality selections at attractive prices.

... on this website :)

To access the sale, simply click on the buttons at the top and bottom of the site.

Facebook giveaway are also organised to win a bottle or a sample.

To order Spirit Gallery Belize...

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